Monday, November 10, 2008

Inside AdSense: Optimisation Essentials (Part I)

Google Adsense Publishers:
Google is listening to those of you who need more ideas on monetizing your website with Google Adsense. They are beginning a series of youtube videos with tips from the Google Experts themselves. The first tip seems very simple, yet can be easy to overlook: Make your ads bigger and earn more money.

Ten Reasons Bigger Ads will lead you to more $$$
1. People can see you ads better.
2. Adwords buyers tend to purchase the bigger ad spaces, so if you are only using small ad units, you might be missing out on important ads that could possibly be earning you a higher Earnings Per Click Ratio.
3. Bigger is Better.
4. The ads stand out more from the content and are easier for people to find.
5. Think of the ads as gas guzzling SUVs vs fuel efficient small cars; it costs more money to fill the bigger car, or more money to buy a bigger ad; small car/ad = small profit.
6. Banner ads: a favorite of advertisers, and they only come in large formats
7. Go big or go home.
8. Bigger percentage of screen space for ads = Bigger click amount
9. Bigger ad units allow more ads to be shown in the same unit, and there is more of a chance of website users finding the answer to what they are looking for.
10. Bigger ad units ad more incentive for advertisers to want to advertise on your site, because there is a better chance of being seen.

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Inside AdSense: Optimisation Essentials (Part I)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BH Photo/Video Affiliate Program

Does your website cater to electronics lovers? Have a camera you'd love to write a review about? Enjoy blogging about flat screens, computers, and camera tripods? Want to make money while doing this? Then join the affiliate program from BH Photo Video.

Here's some info from them:

B&H Affiliate Program

Join today and begin earning commission on every product we sell!

No cost to join.
Monthly commission.
Low minimum payout of $20.
Ready to use banners.
Reports include items sold.

We’ll Pay...

2% for the 1st three (3) months.
3% on all products after three (3) months! Email your account manager for details and eligibility.
Minimum Requirements.
To better insure the best possible program, please be sure to meet the following:
Multi page website.
Fully functioning website.
No broken links.
Over 500 monthly visitors.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Joel Comm Adsense Secrets #8 - Content-Based Sites

There are many different types of content-based sites that can be used to generate revenue with Google AdSense. In segment #8 of my presentation, Joel provides an overview for you.
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